I felt that this should be said in large letters. We found a site which specifically hosts webcomics, and therefore makes it easier for us to manage. We haven't prettified it yet, but we'll get there. Anyways, for now that's probably what we'll be editing rather than this site. So find us now at http://punintended.thecomicseries.com/
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So apparently last Friday we got 14 hits on our page. I'm not sure if this was just us going to the page 14 times or if it was 14 different people (or you know, somewhere in between). Either way I'm, rather impressed.
I've finally learned of the captions feature for individual images, so that might mean less in the way of announcements (which is probably a good thing, because they would surely take over the world soon).
We had a great comic all planned out for tomorrow, and then the plans it was related to got canceled.

I still can't look at the baking comic the same way after watching Sweeney Todd. Nor can I stop singing the songs. I'm considering asking the people around me whether this is more or less annoying than the Very Potter Musical songs. I can always return to them in favour of optimizing my annoyingness.


January 14th, 2010


This looks a bit different, because I am lazy today.  This is what's drawn on my door right now, I decided to do something baking-themed since later today our residence is having a Bake-Off!!!!   I'll be making the answer to question 1, since I have a class during the start of the bake-off, and a committee meeting during the end.  I guess the warning isn't necessary.  If you were allergic to puns, we'd have killed you by now!


January 11th, 2010

Lower end actually!  Anyways, this comic needs a bit of explanation.  The situation is my mother being asked a question by two of my friends simultaneously, the result being a double-entendre.  Let me assure you, she is answering the right-most question!  My mother is from the Netherlands.  :)


So the official decision is that we post sometime each Monday and Friday. We aren't going to aim to be one of those just after midnight sites. Firstly because we can't promise to be at our computers just after midnight every Sunday into Monday and Thursday into Friday. A student's life can get unpredictable like that. Anyways Rah should have the other one up at some point in the next 22 hours and 51 minutes. You can actually hold your breath on that one (assuming you're some kind of freak who can hold their breath for that exact length of time, just in case she's at the upper end of it).


January 8th, 2010


We finally posted!!! We offer our consolations to those who did hold their breaths. Funeral arrangements are being made.  There will be cake.
Note: these are actual, unintentional puns that we've heard being made.  Hopefully they're at least half as funny in comic form, but maybe you had to be there. :D

-N/A and Rah

January 4th, 2010


We plan to post our first ever comic today. Holding your breath still isn't recommended.


December 29th, 2009